I see myself as this normal 19 years old guy, head stuck in the clouds
and living in his own world.
I struggle with everything a normal teenager struggles.
parties, school, friends, family and love.

But i have something many people do not care about anymore these days.
i have my passion, my love,
my dream.
this dream of traveling this world,capturing every beautiful moment
and transforming it into something breathtaking.
but at the moment i just go on dreaming and creating
and hoping that one day i success
in this little dream world i built around me.

First the photo-diary was the result of a sleepless night and boredom.
but then, suddenly, i discovered that my pictures can touch people.
make them happy, sad, thoughtful, make them laugh.
after realizing what an overwhelming experience that was,
I now want to use this as a platform to show you what my life and my love consists of.
every image in this diary shows a moment of my life,
a part of my own story, which i want to share with you.
I hope you enjoy reading and seeing it like I do creating it.


camera: canon eos 450d
lenses: ef 50mm 1.8mm ii; ef-s 55-250mm 4,0-5-6 is ii
flash: canon speedlite 270ex ii
post-processing: photoshop cs 5


if you want your own images or to coorporate in a project
or if you just want to get to know me,
please feel free to contact me.

E-mail: dinobusch93@googlemail.com

my facebook-profile